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If you already live in Calgary and thinking of relocating to a different neighbourhood, one of the places to consider buying real estate in is Evanston. Evanston is one of the residential districts of Calgary in the northwest part of the city, that is continuously growing and expanding. Despite being located near the north edge of the town, it’s location is perfect as it combines stunning landscapes, striking panoramic views with a functional and well-planned city layout. Its’ population has been growing steadily over the years, and Evanston is becoming one of the four most popular neighbourhoods in Calgary. This community is mainly drawing the attention of young families because this place offers a high-quality living at reasonable prices.

The vast majority of buildings, architecture and real estate in the Evanston district are modern, well maintained and even luxuriously high standard. Because over the past 10-15 years the population in this part of the city dramatically increased, so far it had no adverse effect on the life standard nor the real estate prices. The proximity to an airport, schools and other infrastructure is viewed by many as a great privilege. The fact that the real estate prices are highly affordable makes Evanston be one of the most suitable locations for buying a residential property.

Buying Real Estate In Evanston?

If you are looking to settle with your family and combine the beauty of the local landscape with the convenience of a metropolis – Evanston’s neighbourhood offers exactly that, and a lot more. Although the economic market continually fluctuates, and real estate rates are anything but fixed, it is still a prime time to purchase real estate in this part of Calgary. The prices are highly competitive, and are newer than most other Calgary neighbourhoods.

Evanston offers a wide variety of single-family homes for sale, multi-family buildings and condos. Since the neighbourhood prides itself in being state-of-the-art modern and well-developed district in Calgary, the builders in the area offer a broad variety when it comes to home design, style, and even facade colours. Evanston attracts primarily families and young couples, thanks to the natural environment, the serene surroundings and the availability of all facilities you would expect to find in a modern city, such as schools, community stores and everything else a city resident is used to. The main local hubs are Creekside Shopping Centre and Evanston Town Centre, but there are dozens of other places for shopping lovers.

Families with children will also have a wide variety of schools to choose from, should they decide to buy a house in Evanston. The local elementary schools include Our Lady of Grace, Kenneth D Taylor, and a third primary school for the fall of 2019. Nearby high schools include Notre Dame, and James Fowler High. If you are looking for bilingual King George or St. Pius, for those who wish to engage in an advanced French program. Followed by St. Margaret and Madeleine d’Houethigh high-schools.

Buying a home in Evanston will not only allow you to combine the magnificent landscape with the convenience of a big town, but it will also provide you with a great variety of choice when it comes to education, shopping, entertainment, sport, and even work.

The natural green surrounding makes this part of Calgary ideal for families of all ages, but especially with children, who will benefit the most from the spacious environment, big and easily accessible fields and playground facilities. Such facilities also include soccer fields, which are not only designed for children and young teams, but also for women. The Evanston Creekside Community has a diversity of programs proposed to its’ residents with women’s soccer being among the most beloved ones. Young moms have plenty of ideas to choose from for their leisure time if they decide to buy a home in Evanston and settle there with their family.

If you live in Calgary and travel often, you will enjoy the fact that the airport is located about 17 minutes away, which will save a lot of time in local traffic jams at peak hours. Also very easy access to Stoney Trail, and a few minutes to Deerfoot TR.


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Evanston Homes for Sale

Since the population of Evanston is continuously growing, the supply needs to increase, to keep up with the demand. New residential units and houses are being built according to the latest standard and now is the perfect time to make a long-term investment in a real estate property in Evanston. If you are looking for a home for sale in Evanston, CIR Realty’s professional realtors will be happy to assist you and help you make the right choice for your needs. Browse CIR Realty’s listings to see what offers do we currently have or contact us directly. CIR Realty’s is specializing in real estate in Calgary and Evanston in particular. Our skilled realtors will be able to guide you through the purchase process, personally show you all the Evanston Calgary homes for sale and help you find the best possible deal for your budget.

CIR Realty has dozens of residential property listings in Evanston, with new listings being added for sale on a daily and weekly basis. Come and see the apartments we offer in person, you will fall in love with Evanston homes and its’ friendly local community. It’s a breath of fresh air in Calgary’s busy life!