Sell your Commercial Property

When it comes to buying or selling a commercial real estate, there are few different types of listing you can expect to find at CIR REALTY’s website.  Since Calgary is a huge place with all kinds of business and properties at all price ranges, you can expect to encounter the following types:

  • Industrial real estate
  • Multi-family real estate
  • Business real estate
  • Business with property
  • Commercial real estate
  • Offices
  • Retail stores and buildings
  • Agriculture real estate

If you intend to sell your commercial property, you probably already know what type of real estate you are dealing with, however, if you are looking to buy, you may not always understand, what to search for. When you are looking for non-residential property and have a business plan in mind, you may not always know exactly what type of real estate will suit your needs best. This is why we, at CIR REALTY, have a team of professional realtors, managers, and advisers, who can guide you through your search and acquisition process. Our skilled realtors will be able to quickly navigate you to the best possible deal that will perfectly fit your budget and expectations.

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How do these types of commercial real estate differ?

While they all fit in the “commercial real estate” category, they all address different demands. Let’s see, what each category mean.

Industrial real estate. As the name suggests, this property type will fit best for business on a large scale, where all area and buildings either utilized or suited for industrial activities such as manufacturing, assembly, production, warehousing, storage, distribution or even broad research activities.  Typically, such lands and buildings are constructed for the sole purpose of industrial activities and are generally located on the outskirts of the city and have a suitable infrastructure for operating a large-scale business.

Multi-family real estate. If you are looking for a typical apartment for residence, that is a classic case of private property. However, if you are looking to purchase an entire building that is suitable for multiple families, such as duplex, triplex or multiunit property, this would be your typical multi-family real estate. Many people acquire such properties in order to rent them to multiple families later.

Business real estate. Any commercial property that is fit for running any type of business (as opposed to – residence) could be classified as a business real estate. This is the most flexible category of all because it could be located anywhere, not necessarily in the industrial part of the city. It could be large or small, luxurious or basic. Depending on your type of enterprise and budget, if you merely wish to take your business out of your current house or open a new business in Calgary, this would probably the ideal type of real estate for you.

Business with property. This is ideal for a traditional family type business, such as bakery, flower or gift shop, small grocery store or other types of businesses where the family wants to live next to their store. 

Commercial real estate. Just like the business real estate, commercial property is designed solely for the purpose of running a business. There are various types of commercial lands and buildings, any realtor at CIR REALTY will be happy to assist you further when you are looking for acquiring a commercial real estate in Calgary.

Offices – often located in a large company building or multi-company structure and are offered either for sale or rent. You can find practically any size of an office in Calgary, from the largest to the smallest, depending on your financial preferences and requirements. For some businessmen, location plays a vital role, when choosing an office, and they are ready to pay extra for the sake of a prestigious address. Others are willing to sacrifice a premium location for the sake of getting a few extra square foot for the same price. How can you know, which office suits your needs best? CIR REALTY realtors will be able to navigate you through the hundreds of available listings, however, generally speaking, office spaces are often divided into classes: class A, class B, and class C.

  •   “Class A,” as the name suggests, stands for the best buildings in terms of design, newness, quality of surrounding infrastructure and top location.
  •   “Class B” offices are generally older and naturally not as expensive. Such type of Class B offices is oftentimes targeted by investors for renovation.
  •   “Class C” office buildings are the oldest, generally over 20-30 years old and located in less beautiful neighborhoods in Calgary or are in need of serious reconstruction.

Retail stores and buildings. If you are looking to open your own shop or retail store in Calgary, you will need to search specifically for “retail stores,” which are often located in the center and on entry level floor, with entrance and windows facing the street, though there are indeed dozens of other options. The retail sector property can be sold as individual units or as a chain of stores space, which the new owner will lease afterwards.

Agriculture real estate – yet another category where the name speaks for itself. While there aren’t that many farms up for sale in Calgary, the agricultural real estate is still a very profitable business in the area. You can purchase (or sell) either a piece of land on its own, or sell an entire farm, that has all the necessary buildings and infrastructure for further development, farming or gardening needs.

Since every business is different and every client has individual demands and requirements, when it comes to choosing a suitable commercial real estate, we at CIR REALTY will be happy to assist you and encourage you to find the exact match for your enterprise. Contact us any time if you are looking to purchase a commercial real estate in Calgary and one of our skilled realtors will be able to advise you or evaluate your property for free if you are planning to sell your non-residential property.