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Carrington’s New North

Carrington, real estate properties, are located in Calgary’s north-west part of the city. Carrington was developed in one of the most prestigious parts of the city’s so-called “new north.” The lightly sloping area opens a view to the west, with winding alleys, natural wetlands, and stunning panoramas to appreciate. This socially rich and vibrant community will soon have an LRT station and more commercial centers with plenty of stores and services for Carrington’s residents. If you decide to move to this north-west part of Calgary and purchase real estate in Carrington, here is what you’ll love the most about this community:

Carrington Architecture

Heavily inspired by the English heritage, the spirit of Carrington is already apparent in its name. Real estate in Carrington combines the classic forms of English carriage house styles with contemporary design elements, forming a neighbourhood that is citified and fresh.

Carrington is a natural expansion of the north-west corridor along Center street. Sloping hills to the west secure the maximum sunlight during the day and beautiful mountain landscapes to enjoy. A rural re-naturalized marshland includes a passing route and views facing in the west direction. Since Carrington is a relatively new, yet busy, community, residents have an abundance of opportunities for work, recreation, restaurants, stores, and services accessible without passing any major roadway. Those of you who don’t like driving or have young children will appreciate having all your necessities within reach. Homes in Carrington combine modern design with the honoured forms of the English coach houses styles, producing a fresh and stylish appearance with a traditional cozy atmosphere.

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Carrington is cleverly established at Centre Street and Stoney Trail. Close access to Stoney trail makes a journey downtown fast and effortless. The anticipated extension to the green line LRT, which is currently in development, will ultimately connect Carrington to the city center and beyond.

Public Schools

Since Carrington is a family-oriented community, its residents have a wide variety when it comes to education. There are three public schools to choose from: elementary Cambrian Heights School, junior high Colonel Irvine School, and senior high James Fowler High School. Moreover, there are six Catholic schools for students of all ages: St. Luke, St. Margaret, Madeleine d’Houet, St. Francis, and Notre Dame, where students can opt-in for bilingual education, choosing either French or Spanish immersion. Soon the yellow school bus will be available for more accessible transportation; however, until then, regular buses are accessible as close as possible to nearby neighbourhoods for students who need to travel. With the increasing number of residents (and students) in the area, the Carrington community continually addresses the pressing issues, such as transportation, as soon as they arise.

Carrington Real Estate

Many real estate properties in Carrington were built and developed by the well-known local companies, such as Excel, Avi Homes, and Genstar, and offer a good balance between top-notch luxurious homes and a fair price. When you browse the available listings for sale, you can see that the offers include both detached and semi-detached houses. This wide variety of properties for sale of all kinds and dimensions allow you to pick the exact home you and your family are looking for. It is estimated that Carrington will be home to approximately 60,000 residents, as it continually expands and newly developed properties become available for sale.

Carrington was the first community supported by the City’s new municipal development plan, which combines various sustainability purposes. The vast majority of Carrington’s home designs are influenced by the traditional English culture, blending the carriage house exteriors with modern prairie architectural styles.

If this is the type of house you were looking for, search Carrington real estate listings for sale because this neighbourhood opens the door to endless opportunities in one of Calgary’s most impressive areas. Carrington is a neighbourhood developed with connections at heart. A charming green reservation spread over 19 acres of parks and pathways, peaceful lakes, and a street layout suitable for walking, thereby combining a comfortable lifestyle with an exciting facility-rich community. All of your favourite shops, commercial centres, grocery stores, schools, and recreation or sports facilities are a quick drive from home. Enjoy the quiet parks, the open landscapes, the pastoral pathways for walking and biking, and a pond with clear water. Carrington will appeal to those of you with an active outdoor lifestyle. These are just a few of the highlights through which Carrington neighbourhood holds tight to its true heritage.

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Find newly available Carrington homes for sale, compare various types of properties, such as semi-detached and detached houses and single-family homes. Carrington is a residential, suburban community that has so much to offer to its new and current residents. You will fall in love with the combination of traditional architecture and modern lifestyle, not to mention the outstandingly designed interiors with multiple bathrooms, spacious, elegant kitchens, large garages, and panoramic windows.

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